I recently had the website overhauled due to it coming down with a bad case of ugly. In light of this change I have also stripped the content that was once here, I know, you all didn’t care about it; but it had to be done.

I’ve decided while eating tacos what my purpose is with this site, and that’s to show how great tacos really are… I think I’ve had too many tacos.

I am a writer and I am here to do writer things like writing more stuff for you all to enjoy. This will include better content that will be available on this website. Granted they will be personal musings, but at least they will be humorous to read rather than feel like open mic night in a land devoid humor.

A terrible land known as The City of Industry.

I am also hoping that people who are in need of a talented person will come by, and be so impressed by my body of work, that they will throw me a bunch of money; preferably in unmarked, sequential bills. I tried to make a Cliffhanger joke here, but it was over wrought, so I had to cut it loose.

Long story short, or TLDR, I am a writer and I hope you enjoy what you read here.