You know what’s really good? Pancakes.

I love making pancakes and I am really good at making them, or so my wife tells me, but it is because of this information that I am spurred onward to make more pancakes.

You know what’s really funny? Video game videos or Machinima as the internet children call it.

I suck at making those things. I know this because when I make them I feel sad, empty, and hollow inside. Like an orphan child at Christmas when they see all the cookies are being eaten by the old, fat janitor.

When we suck at something, it comes down hard, and we know it. Sucking at something can be the first steps toward being a great at something, but that feeling of sucking is the measure of our tenacity for wanting to be better at it.

When we create, a lot of the time it’s just us and whatever it is we are making, but we have to enjoy what we make. Outside reinforcement, be it good or bad, is completely arbitrary most of the time. If we are unsure about what we are making it can mean the world, but if we are surefooted and in love with what we are making it couldn’t matter less.

Knowing when you suck is entirely dependent on you. Granted, there are some things that we are naturally not good at because of our genetic makeup or traits. For instance, I really wish I could look lanky in a pair of pants, but I am 5’10 and built like a brick wall; that isn’t going to happen. Even if I try as hard as I can, and throw on a pair of straight pants, I will never look like James Colburn or Spike Spiegal.

I got sidetracked, but this comes back to the idea of sucking because it is a mental state. Your level of suck is entirely dependent on your confidence in being good at whatever it is you’re passionate about; it’s a self fulfilling prophecy in some cases. You can defeat the suck and become a master at duck herding but you have to actually have to have the talent for it in the first place. We build off of our talents in order to become great at anything.

To loop this back around, I love video games, and I love to watch people who make funny videos playing video games. The problem for myself in making these videos is that I don’t usually talk a lot when I am playing a game. When I go to make one of these videos I sound like the most unsure person in the world. Lot’s of uh, hm, and LOTS of stuttering. This isn’t me and that’s what bothers me.

I just suck at this!

Recognizing the suck makes me a better person because I don’t continue to try to make you all watch these videos and groan in horror over what is on the screen. I stick with what I am good at doing; and that’s making some damn good pancakes! Right wife?