I’ve Had Some Time To Think

Life has been a bit nuts as of late!

I started a new job, Christmas hit, and it’s been kinda great! I have been doing some book promoting and found I needed to make this handy FAQ.

I haven’t been asked point blank whether my book is shit or not, but when talking to store owners, they came close to cupping that question.

I know I have been slacking with the blogs lately, for that I apologize. Now armed with a paycheck, and the drive to create master works of art and shit, I know I am going to ever diligent in my duties to you all. 2014 was the spark I needed to get things going, so 2015 is going to be a torch in the darkness.

Get ready for more stories, more thoughts, some audio, and yes, some Youtube stuff in the future! I will be posting three days a week, you all are worth it, so be sure to tune into this space Mon/Wed/Fri starting after the 1st of the year.

Hey, I know it’s been a wait, and I’m asking for some additional time, but life is crazy busy and I’ll fill you all in due time!




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Nick enjoys making things and drinking coffee, specifically the latter, for without it the former wouldn’t get done. He also wrote a book titled “Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales”