Morning jolt: On writing

I am about to step out for work this morning, but then I had coffee, and BOOM! My brain started working!

And now I am here and I going to touch upon topics in this series of blogs, in the morning, that I am calling “Morning Jolt”. These are tiny micro blogs, or at least they are in theory, and will go over a variety of topics that hit me during my 6 minute shower thought session.

Topic: On writing

Writing is a very important skill to have, no matter what culture you are from or language you speak, because without writing we would probably not be able to understand our history. Sure, there would be pictures, but nothing would tell us what they are about; and if the story was passed down verbally it would probably be, in some cases, the world’s oldest game of telephone. This would mean that instead the painting of George Washington crossing the Delware River, as we know it today, it would be described as, “This dude in the pointed hat, he forgot his keys on the other side of the river and thus a raiding party was made and the keys delivered out of the oppressive hands of the Crimson Coat Clan.”

Whenever I meet anyone and they say they don’t read, I cock my head back a bit. Of course you read, you read everyday, but the stuff you are reading is probably terrible. Everyone reads, especially today with the way we have Buzzfeed articles about “That Thing You Didn’t Know About From That Thing You Know Everything About” (also, Buzzfeed, please stop capitalizing every word in your titles, you make Jesus cry when you do that).

The problem is people are reading stuff that isn’t actually any good.

Sure, you’ll learn something, maybe (and that’s a huge maybe) but most of the time the articles online are there to incite anger and cause people to say or do stupid things. They are click bait, propaganda, double speak, news speak, and gnat speak (tiny evil bastards they are!).

This became an article on reading, I must have slipped or lost my way.

Not really, no. These two topics are tied together because with great writing comes great reading. This also isn’t a jab at Buzzfeed, I’ve read numerous articles by them and have laughed at a few of them myself. This is mostly a jab at the collective society in which I find myself in, aka, The United States of America. We love candy here, and we love not being told what to do, but I feel we have dined too heavily on the candy these days and haven’t really been eating our salad.

The candy is a metaphor you see, but I guess that works literally as well.

People need to read more and read books that have substance and thought to them, because when you read you begin to notice that the bullshit happening today isn’t new. It’s happened before, and stupidly enough it will happen again, but without this mental fiber we cannot push out the clogged bowels of our mind and have a healthy rotation of knowledge in the brain pan area thing.

TDLR; Writing is good because it creates things for us to read. Read widely and not just the stuff about the thing you love and how it has betrayed you. Reading brings thought and with thought the ability to make actual decisions about the world around you.

Now I need to put pants on.

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