I have loved Mad Max since I was 13 years old. It was around this time that I discovered Fallout 1&2 and had played them into oblivion, so when I heard that there was a movie that felt like Fallout, I was all over it.

My first introduction was The Road Warrior the second film and probably the best installment in the series (we’ll see how Fury Road is, but if the movie is anything like the trailers so far, I’m sure it will be at least second). It’s a high watermark to start at when watching the rest of the Mad Max movies since the first one is a world builder and sets up the character Max; and Thunderdome … well, let’s just say it at least gave us the term, “Two men enter, one leaves”.

After watching these films, including Thunderdome, I was hooked. I loved these films because they were very raw and in some cases very honest. Growing up with Max gave me a few things to think about as a kid because the whole setup to the films is that mankind stayed on a single path toward it’s own destruction. We never Star Trekked our way off world or even tried to make a run at improving anything.

We never changed and because of this laziness we paid dearly.

The Road Warrior (known as TRW moving forward) was probably one of the first films to really paint a realistic future for humanity. Sure, it could be seen as a simple action film with amazing car stunts and explosions, but looking at that film when it came out, of course it could be seen as fantasy (a dark fantasy, where somehow football shoulder pads are armor and S&M is the only fashion to have survived the burning of the world). Watching this film today though, it reads different, because we are starting to experience some of the things that TRW calls out in the opening sequence.

Water is scarce, oil is prized, and human life means nothing.

That isn’t too far off from today. I live in California, I can tell you that water is very, very, very important. Around the world, the biggest problem for numerous countries is finding clean drinking water; because it either isn’t there or we have contaminated it with something stupid. Oil prices are yo-yoing but they are going up and the substance will eventually be gone.

And lastly, human life. In the 21st century slavery is a thing. Sex slavery, child slavery, and just general slavery happens still today. This isn’t a history problem, this is true to life as we know it today. And the biggest problem, not many people give a shit about it. They just don’t. They may feel bad for a moment when they read the news about it but then they move along. I know because I have done this myself.

I dunno if George Miller is a prophet or anything, but he was very spot on when he created his insane and amazing film series. I am looking forward to seeing Fury Road, and I cannot wait for more, but when you sit down in those seats and witness this man’s vision of the future (that finally has a big budget) just take note in what you are seeing; because it might not be that far off from the truth.