Morning jolt: Wondercon 2015 & how not to cosplay

I went to Wondercon 2015 this weekend and it was a blast!

I hadn’t been to a con since Comic-Con 2009 and the reason why has been for the fact that I was focused on only that convention, as far as comic books are concerned, and tickets are as rare as elvish mithril (which is mythical, but so are Comic-Con tickets). I heard about Wondercon, so my wife and I decided to pull the trigger on go, and bought tickets for Sunday.

We went, we saw, and it was good.

What wasn’t good though, were a few things, specifically some costume choices. Costumes that I have noticed on the Internet, that were fun to see once, were everywhere here. This isn’t me saying ‘B.O. needs to go’, in fact this was the cleanest smelling con I have been to, no, this is more of just ‘It isn’t that interesting, it isn’t that funny, and frankly I feel bad for you’.

It isn’t that interesting

I get it, you’re a Gundam Wing Zero suit and you’ve even made, to scale, massive four foot wings. It is impressive as hell! That is a kind of dedication that I would never have and I applaud you for your efforts.

But you know when that suit is no longer that interesting? When you go inside the exhibition hall and do not remove said impressive wings.

I was assaulted by more faux feathers on this convention floor than I ever have been by the actual species of avian creatures that can ACTUALLY make said wings. Look, I get it, your character got these things somehow during the second half of the first season of that show you loved but was cancelled. I get it, but there is a time and place to wear that stuff, and walking around a crowded con floor isn’t one of them man.

If you’re going to do this costume in some combination, leave the wings in your car or simply just walk along the edges and do your pictures there if you want to be seen on the convention floor; just don’t go into the fray!

It isn’t that funny

Costume Mashups

Seeing someone walk around with a Deadpool mask while wearing a Gandolf the Gray cloak in Sailor Moon skirt was funny the one time that person did it. Going to Wondercon I saw a bunch of these, all starting with Deadpool and going off to strange, and sometimes, terrifying lands.

To me, it’s just being lazy and indecisive. Pick one and rock the crap out of it! I don’t care if you’re not in perfect shape for Deadpool, this is a comic book convention, it is okay to try here. Just don’t copy everything you’ve seen on Imgur. That one person did it once, and frankly unless you one up them, you’re just going to be seen as that try-hard.

I feel bad for you

You tried. You put time and effort into your costume, but it just hasn’t turned out. You look into the mirror and see that even though you have tried, it isn’t going to work, but dammit it all, you’ve put time into this and you’re not going to give up!

You should. You reallllly should. Just leave the tattered remains of the shredded shirt you made in the room. Sometimes we try something and it just doesn’t pay off. We fail, but for some people, investing the time means they have to commit to this or else all work has been in vain.

Just because you put time into the costume you have tried to make, doesn’t mean you should wear it. If it isn’t meeting your standard of public decency or just looks bad, leave it behind, rock a comic shirt, and enjoy the con. I say this because I want you to have a good time here and I would feel badly for you if you wore that suit out in public. If you have friends, they should say no, if they don’t tell you that, then they aren’t friends and are trying to hang you out to dry on some dudes ‘Terrible Wondercon 2015 Cosplay’ picture gallery.

In the end

Comic book conventions are meant to be fun. You are safe here to try something you wouldn’t normally do, but this is an experiment, and sometimes they fail. I can’t promise that people won’t laugh at you, but if it does go tits up, then just rock the shit out of it anyway. If my words made you question your judgement, then it is time to get a thicker skin. Costumes are a creative outlet and people will judge you based on your efforts. Be ready for this kind of crap, and if you’re not, then maybe just stick to walking around and having a good time at the con.


I do request that you try to uphold some common decency while you’re out there. It’s all in the name of fun, I get it, but no one wants to see your junk (this piece of advice goes for both sexes).

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