Morning jolt: Artists, artists everywhere!

Everyone is creative in one form or another. We tend to think of those people who are really creative as ‘artists’. Artist is a title that seems to be thrown on anything that is either terrible looking or is grand beyond measure. It can be used sarcastically or seriously depending on whom it is being applied to; but there is one thing that the title universally means and that’s everyone.

As human beings we have the capabilities to be anything we want, we can choose our path. For some people, the path is already chosen by way of either monetary or their natural skills. Thing is though, everyone can still create something, regardless of where they come from; we all can sit at a piece of paper and draw. Most people do not chose to continue drawing because we live on a planet called Earth and we have something called money to which a lot of people designate their life’s pursuit.

Those people usually turn out to be hollow on the inside, because money is either never obtained or it is hoarded and controls you instead of the other way around.

Artists, on the other hand, are poor and hone their skills be it drawing, music, writing, sculpting or anything else really because almost anything is an art. The term ‘art’ is a nebulous one because only humans can appreciate it and it can mean absolutely nothing. It is something and nothing at the same time.

The idea that art isn’t work is ridiculous. It takes work, hard work, to hone the skill set to choose the perfect pressure on the brush or to apply words on to the page in an order that a perfect stranger can look and understand what it is you’re saying.

We are all artists in some regard and that is why it is hard to be one. To dedicate yourself to a skill, and to become a master of it, takes the same amount of dedication that it takes to do well in business or finances. Yet, so many companies out there do not seek out artists for a project because in their minds, they already have them, because anyone can be an artist; but what really is needed is a master.

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Nick enjoys making things and drinking coffee, specifically the latter, for without it the former wouldn’t get done. He also wrote a book titled “Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales”