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Get a job is a new series of blogs I want to do once a week for the fun of it. The idea stemmed from a point I will be touching on in another post about the importance of a character’s job (Update: Here’s the post!). In many books, movies, games, and comics we find that a character might have a job, but it really doesn’t do anything on the journey they are on in that particular title.

So, the idea is to look at what their job is and see if they are even good at it. If they are fine, then march on my wayward son, if they suck then I will suggest a replacement position for them.

First up, Tuvok.

Known from: Star Trek Voyager

Job Title(s): Chief Tactical Officer, Chief Security Officer

Tuvok wears a lot of hats, but this isn’t because Voyager is an indie game company, but rather they are the most eager hipsters in the Federation as they try to discover everything first in the Delta Quadrant. After having their ride hijacked to the Salton Sea of space, uncharted territory to Star Fleet (And much of Southern California), the crew have to make their way back home in a seven year trek, a star trek that is.

Ha, ha, ha, why am I the only one laughing?

Due to their low crew count, and the fact that they are stranded, everyone on the ship has to pull double duty; except the captain of course, though she does show off how good at hacking, tactical, engine cycling, and plate spinning she is whenever the situation calls for it. Let’s break down each of Tuvok’s positions details:

Chief Tactical Officer- The role of the tactical officer is to offer combat solutions for the captain and make sure that the weapon systems are online and ready to fire.

Whoever smelt it, dealt it. It, was not me.
Whoever smelt it, dealt it. It, was not me.

How does Tuvok measure up? 

You can name, in order, the systems that will go out on Voyager whenever they meet a new threat or alien species and the first to go is the warp drive, the second is usually weapons, followed by shields. Now, Tuvok cannot be held accountable for foreign tech screwing with his particular position, but whenever he gives his advice on a situation the captain usually ignores him and pulls something else out of her butt. Tuvok’s suggestions from the audience’s point of view is perfectly sound, he is ignored because he is too practical. This problem will continue as we move forward into: 

Chief Security Officer- To make sure that the ship is secure from foreign and domestic invaders and that the safety of the crew is maintained.

Say it! Ask me again what we should do!
Ask me again what we should do! Ask one more time motherfucker! Say it!

How does Tuvok measure up? 

Well, we could say again that alien technology that is unknown to Star Fleet makes this job harder, but no, he’s just bad at it. This again comes back to no one ever listens to Tuvok, he’s the Shinji of Star Trek, “Shut the fuck up Tuvok and get back to your station.” A sign of a good leader is how good your team does when you’re not around, and the fact that the security teams are woefully ill-prepared and are constantly taken off guard shows how much he sucks at his job. Tuvok himself is a good shot, but the rest of the security force are Stormtrooper level.

Should he keep his job(s)?

No, he shouldn’t. Tuvok isn’t respected enough by the crew to hold his current positions. This lack of respect echoes from the leadership, and without respect in a military environment, or any work environment, a leader cannot lead. This isn’t his fault entirely, so I suggest he move into the one position that no one has ever questioned his abilities on:

Jenga Grand Master
Jenga Grand Master

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