Hurt, it just does

I am not talking about an emotional hurt. No, that is not the case, the hurt in question comes in the form of muscle ache.

You see, I exerted myself in a 4 inning game of softball that was themed after the movie Hook; so Pirates v Lost Boys.

And I wasn't Kiefer Sutherland as it wasn't these lost boys.- photo credit: Wikipedia
And I wasn’t Kiefer Sutherland as it wasn’t these lost boys. Also, I don’t have the hair for it.- photo credit: Wikipedia

It was a blast! It flashed me back to a time that I hadn’t thought of since I was a kid, when I played baseball. Everything came back to me, the catching, I had to modify my throwing as I hadn’t pitched a softball ever, and also the heat. Difference between kid me and today me is that I could cool off with a beer while playing rather than a Capri Sun.

Bats were broken and the game called early because we didn’t want any of us old-ass bastards to die of heat stroke… or alcohol induced heat stroke, if that’s a thing.

The normal celebrations continued at a house with AC, because we live in a country that has such a thing, thank God for evil machinations of industrial science.

Then I slept and awoke, which was a huge mistake.

Granted, I am not completely out of shape. I walk most weeks and do some form of physical activity, one way or another, but I haven’t had my muscles feel like this in a long time. They feel like a rusty screw being forced out of a swollen plank of wood. It’s like a the Tin Man, pre-Dorthy, tried to walk without oiling up his joints.

Point is this: stretch.

It’s interesting how even though laying on one side of me for longer than 5 minutes makes things ache, I am actually enjoying it. This is pain that was earned through laughter, fun, and good times. Sure, it’s a sign of age and lack of doing some sort of insane cross-fit throw-up session, but really, it’s a sign that I did something.

I exerted myself a little physically and it hurts and thank the maker for it because that means I am alive still today. You see, you can find yourself in a lull at this stage in your life. People in their 30’s are like people in their 20’s, they can go a little bit insane but not because their bodies feel invincible, but rather because they are forced to take stock in their life.

When you reach a 10 year mark, you have to look back, you just do; and many people look and see nothing but regret. They haven’t done anything of note in their lives, meaning achieving anything close to a personal goal of making Moon Shoes actually work the way they were advertised.

Poor kid must have jumped off a 6 ft ladder to get this shot. She broke both legs, maybe.- Photo credit-
Poor kid must have jumped off a 6 ft ladder to get this shot. She broke both legs, maybe.- Photo credit-

Most people I talk to hate exerting themselves anywhere else other than a gym or the opposite, which is never do that as it is stupid.

Life hurts, just does. Sometimes though, it’s a good hurt, so never ask for a life that is painless because you miss out on the good stuff… like Advil.

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