Nanowrimo- A survival guide

Nanowrimo is upon us!

Ready your hearts and stretch those fingers because your typewriter is going to be your best friend for this entire month! Here are some steps to survive the insanity!


You will jot down, scribble, and write ideas as they fly into your mind from the dark space between the never ending fold of time and reality. These thoughts must be captured in order to help move your story forward so you better have a pen or maybe even a quill and if you can’t afford ink, just use your own blood!* You can’t really run out as your body just makes more of it! That’s bootstrapping!

*- Be metal!**

**-DO IT***

***-Don’t sue me


These are important as they will help in the writing process. Without thoughts you are pretty much screwed, so get cracking on this front. Of course, many popular writers have been able to write books without this step, so maybe you can skip this step.


Maps are amazing! You will need a guide post in order to find your way out of the woods of your imagination and on to the physical plane that is the blank page. You will plot, sub-plot, and theme the ever loving crap out of your story! Then again, many authors don’t do this either. Some of the most famous writers had, maybe, a point or two and that’s it.


People change, man! Your characters will do the same! Once they’ve conquered the malevolent dust bunnies of Ikeland, your main character will finally know peace as they’ve finally avenged their 5th cousin’s, twice removed, murder by these cretinous creatures! Characters must change, it is the very core of writing, that things change! Unless that isn’t the point of the story. Many books have been written in which the characters do not change in-spite of their situations and this, ultimately, leads to their downfall or salvation.


When it comes to writing, no one way works. If anyone ever tries to sell you on their ‘foolproof’ plan for writing, don’t listen to them. The masters will only point out what worked for them, and even then, pick and choose what works for you.

The only thing that matters is that you have a surface to write on, fuel for the fire, and being absolutely relentless in your efforts. No amount of advice or steps or ‘survival guides’ will get that book out of your head and on to paper. NanoWrimo is a great catalyst to get your feet on the ground and moving, and just know that even the most established author still hits the same road blocks as you.

They just have the nicety of having money, which is the greatest super power in the world.

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