Goals are these elusive things in our life that we have a sometimes vague notion in the back of our minds. They sit there, in a chair, on a porch, and scream at us as we come zooming by on our bike about making too much noise and eventually they fall asleep reading the Sunday funnies. Sitting there, doing nothing, a goal is nothing more than an annoyance. A slap to the face for your day in the sun, thinking of nothing and enjoying life for the moment we are here.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit depressed. I shouldn’t be, things in life have been going, actually, pretty swell. But in my head I hear that old s.o.b. yelling at me, “Get your ass into gear! That book won’t write itself! Or how’s that gaming design coming along? Gonna get that podcast cut yet or would you rather post it next Christmas? How’s about that short film? Have you even outlined the comic? Why aren’t you building that shelving unit you said you were going to do?”

This nagging, annoying, a-hole is something I deal with on an almost daily basis. It has come to the point that I feel like I will never, truly, be done with anything; and that is a terrifying feeling. I always say that I am never gonna stop working, and this is true, but I need to stop worrying about work that isn’t here yet or is in progress. I feel as if I am taking these tiny steps everyday and I am seeing people blow past me with their ability to skip down the lane.

Damnable long legging jerks!

How do you even go about fixing this? Thinking these thoughts?

Firstly, talking about it helps. To God, your spouse, the dog or the infinite universe that doesn’t care about you, but you have to start somewhere! Getting the thoughts out of your head and away helps big time. It keeps you centered just a bit more so that life doesn’t seem so bad or that you’re behind.

Second, do the things! I have started most of that laundry list above, I just have to finish some of it. It will take time, yes, but I am going to be check marking the crap out of that list. Remember, when you hear about someone’s ‘immediate’ success, it takes years or months of work on something that may not do anything at all. All projects are a gamble, some are safer gambles than others, but a gamble to be sure.

Third, stop being dumb. Really, that last part helps a lot. Just keep in mind that what you do matters, even if it fails. If it fails, then you’ve still finished it. You’ve still done it and that says something. Just keep in mind, you can give up on books, video games, or TV shows, but projects need an ending; and sometimes that ending is even a happy one.

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Nick enjoys making things and drinking coffee, specifically the latter, for without it the former wouldn’t get done. He also wrote a book titled “Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales”