Welcome to Ironclad Words- Dawn of something something inspirational line insert here

Let’s get this straight, this was formerly a blog written by a single writer, but that is no more. Ironclad Words is now going to be a hub where story lives, is thought about, and talked about. I wanted to make this site into something more than a single writer’s ponderings.

Moving forward, you will find the following:

-Reviews- About books, movies, games, and maybe life in general?

-Analysis- Where we really get into some deep thoughts about themes, gore, and the soul of a particular story.

-Blog- Will pretty much be for official business with Ironclad and will hold information about events, releases, and other important info.

-Podcasts- A mixture of original stories, talks on books, and where we plug our Ironclad partners in crime.

-Originals- This section isn’t live yet, but it will hold original stories being told here. These stories will be experimental sometimes, traditional, but none-the-less original to this site.

-Guns for Hire- We are also available for contract work as well! That hasn’t really changed, but know we can work on YouTube, podcasts, and general content creation.

I do hope you enjoy what’s going to be happening here, as we will enjoy making the content you read from here. Right now, if there is oddness graphically on the site, know it is still being refined. And if you do like a piece from here, be sure to share the article!

Thanks, and we’ll be seeing you all out there on the digital ether.


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Nick enjoys making things and drinking coffee, specifically the latter, for without it the former wouldn’t get done. He also wrote a book titled “Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales”