Loving on Captain America Civil War without giving away spoilers

So I saw Captain America: Civil War  and oh my lord I am not okay. If you haven’t seen it yet you need to.

It was fantastic. I’ve been gushing about it all weekend with my friends but I refuse to be the A-hole that divulges spoilers about amazing movies so I want to share all the aspects of the movie that I loved without ruining it.

Let me start by saying this: If “Age of Ultron” was the failure at Marvel practicing using a movie to set up other upcoming movies then “Civil War” was the success story. There were hints at other movies to come in the next few years that, rather than taking away from the plot, added to it gracefully and without distracting the audience. It’s like, you know that this character has been added in because they have a movie coming out later but they weren’t added in JUST because of that fact. Everything done to set the stage for upcoming movies branching off of “Civil War” were so seamlessly integrated into the plot it just made the movie that much better.

Speaking of plots, Civil War’s was awesome. Marvel made damn sure this time to tie everything together throughout the movie so no one left the theater going “WTF was that one bit about” or “But what about this thing that never got resolved?” I could not find even one part of the plot that was left unattended or open.

What’s more the base of the plot made you think. It is interesting too because this movie is coming out at a time where the questions it raises are very appropriate. I was honestly on both Captain America’s side and Iron Man’s side by the end of the movie because I could related to Black Widow in feeling like neither side was fully right or wrong.

Making the plot even better, too, was the emotional growth the crowd sees in this movie. We are watching several characters go through some major events and growing through them though the results may not always be beneficial at first. Also we see a little hint at a new relationship starting up in this one which I am very much on board with.

One thing I do want to set aside to give Marvel some serious credit for is Iron Man’s emotional growth. I’ve been noticing that Marvel has been unpacking the effect that years of combat and extreme situations have had on Tony Stark and I have to say I’m impressed. They have been doing it in stages starting in Iron Man 3 (I think) and they are keeping it up and keeping it realistic. Tony isn’t going to go through his emotions in a healthy way because he is, well, he’s Tony and Marvel knows that. He is going to fight it and cause damage to his own life (“Civil War” addresses this blatantly) and eventually one can hope he will reach a good place but it will be far down the road. However Marvel has been giving him room to grow and change while keeping his character true to form. I hate seeing him hurting because Tony is one of my favorite characters. I know though that it is part of who he is and if he flew through hard emotional growth without the fight it wouldn’t fit with him. If and when he does get to the healthy stages we will likely be in the year 2025 and that’s fitting with his character as much as it will suck for him.

In summation I loved “Civil War.” I loved being in the movie theater with a bunch of fellow nerds and cheering when a favorite character appeared and laughing together when they got sassy or weird with each other. I loved the effortless humor included in the movie, the added characters that allow the universe to keep expanding, and the sheer intensity of the bromances going on in this movie (Cap is a VERY loved man).

And so Marvel I give you a sound round of applause. You did good on this one guys. I am still disappointed about “Age of Ultron” but I can tell you learned from your mistakes and applied what you learned in “Civil War” so good on you. Keep it up!

Also, for everyone planning to watch this movie be aware, THERE ARE TWO AFTER-THE-MOVE STINGERS! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO SAVE LIVES!

unnamedWritten by Brianna Gibbons, writer, book reviewer and avid reader. For more book-based talk, follow her on Twitter @Bookworm_ish.