Lost in Translation

The pressures grew faster than he had anticipated as his sub began to creak and moan.

Harlan slowed his descent into a full stop, suspending his orange pill-shaped sub in the blackness of the liquid night that surrounded him.  The stars that shone in the beams of the onboard lights around him were not made of hydrogen, but instead were tiny microbes, plankton, and krill.

Out of this darkness floated into existence a giant that dwarfed the submersible. Its face was bumpy as grooves ran down the sides of it until it met its large black eyes. The humpback whale let out a song that pulsed through the vessel and echoed out into a vast, nearly endless void of the living night. The sub driver clicked on his headset radio. “Nomad, Nomad, this is Chester, over.”

“Receiving you Chester. Harlan, everything okay?”

“Ronald, I found what appears to be a humpback whale.”

“At that depth?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty surprising.”

“Hmm, take some samples, there may be something to this place.”

The whale let out another groan and in the ancient language of the whales yelled, “Oh no you didn’t just find me! I moved here to get away from you! You gotta go! Shoo fly, shoo off and die! Bye Felicia, bye!”

Harlan booted up the sensors and started his data sweep. “Ever wonder what these things are saying?”

“All the time.”

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Nick enjoys making things and drinking coffee, specifically the latter, for without it the former wouldn’t get done. He also wrote a book titled “Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales”