Where you been at?

I know I said this before, but last year was busy and I mean it this time around:

My wife gave birth to our first child.

We moved into a condo we bought.

I am just now getting into the nitty gritty of my wife and I’s business.

My buddy and I started a Kickstarter for our comic and were funded!

And I have started editing my next novel.

Yeah, nothing to shrug at and say, “Eh, that’s nothing, you should be blogging three times a week and making videos on top of all that; your family can wait.” That’s really why I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve been wanting to spend time with my family and see my daughter grow up.

Yeah, yeah, mushy stuff, but that’s the sweet spot where life is lived and memories are formed. So yeah, I like staying there as long as I can.

I am going to post here more often than every other month. Even with family, work, and life I can manage to squeeze out some words more than I have been. I will also be posting different media formats rather than just posting words all the time. Be prepared for some funky videos and interesting podcasts.

I will be posting stuff about my various thoughts and updates on projects.

And to kick-off the new year, here’s a video!