Let’s talk about The Dark Tower trailer

Sooo, this portal to awesome just posted online.

I am not here to break down this trailer and all that it means. What I am going to do is nerd the ever lasting hell out of the music box choice that is heard at the beginning and end of the trailer.

That music is from For A Few Dollars More, starring Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood as bounty hunters who are after the same bounty. The music comes from a pocket watch that the main villain of the film (and the bounty that both hunters want to claim) uses for his duels. When the song ends, guns are drawn, and usually the new guy in the scene gets got dead.

Also, that tune is written by Ennio Morricone, who is boss and you should be aware of his work.

Thing is, Lee’s character has the exact same watch that plays the same exact tune. To find out why that is the case, go and watch the damn movie!

What made my spine tingle are the implications of using that music. Playing that tune was intentional beyond the obvious fact that it sounds perfect for the tone and feel of the film. For a Few Dollars More is a film about rivals and going after a very evil man, albeit for personal gain. I’d like to think that it is nodding toward the kind of story that is the center of this film, and that’s a personal one that is set against a massive world.

Also known as the best kind of movie.

Another reason why that music matters, Steven “Crusher of Daily Word Counts” King was influenced by the trilogy of westerns called The Man With No Name (To which Dollars is the second film in that trilogy) when he started writing The Gunslinger. He wanted to mashup that series of films with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The Gunslinger is in fact King’s first attempt at a book, and after he finished it, he shelved it and wrote Carrie (His first big hit).

I am a huge The Gunslinger fan, I’ve read the first book multiple times and it never gets old. Casting Idris Elba as Roland and Matthew Mcconaughey as The Man in Black is perfect. I don’t care what the crazies online have been saying about this. Elba is the best Roland and his casting does the one thing that most book fans hate about movie adaptations: It doesn’t ruin the story that the books tell.

What I mean is The Dark Tower series isn’t going to suffer the fate that Star Wars EU did when Disney bought it. Even though this story isn’t the one in the first book, it has been said by Steven “Have You Seen How Many Titles I’ve Written, Bitch?” King that it is a continuation of that series. This means that you can read the series and enjoy the movie as they are separate things.

Look! We can have two things and enjoy both for different reasons! Yay!

To wrap this up: Watch The Man With No Name Trilogy and get educated by Sergio Leone and then read all books!

Ah, I see what you did there movie.

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