In a world without electricity, this will not work.

Latest projects- Update

In a world without electricity, this will not work.

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t written a blog in almost two months. That wasn’t really by design, it just happened. The reason why isn’t at all interesting: Life happens and it just takes you away from things.

This doesn’t mean that I am gone forever, not at all, as I am currently up to my mid-back in projects that range from getting the Ironclad Words podcast format finished to this Tumblr project I started with a friend of mine that are letters written about the dead “redshirts” from Star Trek TNG:

Point is, I’m just busy. I am also trying to rethink this site, the purpose of it, and where it is going in the future. I started it as a personal blog with a cool logo and name, but now I really want to make it into something more than just a blog or even a review site for multiple types of content.

I am going to be making this place into the study of the written, performed, and experienced word. I want to get nerdy about words, punctuation, and their uses in our world because I feel people just throw words around without thinking about what they mean or their impact.

And no, this isn’t going to be a grammar Nazi site, we punch them in the face around here. Just like Jack Kirby told us to do:

And Hitchcock:

What can you expect from this place moving forward? Changes, changes, changes, they are a-coming. Podcast, videos, short form stories, and blogs about punctuation. Wanna a sample? Check this guy out.

Till then, see ya in the funny papers or follow me on Twitter.


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