The lost meaning of Z

Ever wonder why we say Zee instead of Zed?

After pressing some buttons and doing what is known as ‘research’ online, I found out two things:

  1. The pronunciation of Zed is much older than Zee as it has roots in French and Latin that have their roots in the Greek word zetaHow was this found out? I dunno, Europe is all about lineage and bloodlines, so the fact that Zed was tracked down to its absolute beginning surprises no one.
  2. Zee is uniquely American in its pronunciation and where it started in America is anyone’s guess as no one has been able to find the exact reason as to why we stopped saying Zed. There are some who attribute Zee to words like Bee, Cee, and Dee, but that is purely speculation. I say it was done out of spite because ‘Merica and at the time when our nation was founded the mindset was: Screw those Brits and their red coats, we say Zee now!

In many circles both usages are seen as correct, but culturally speaking lovers of either Zee or Zed say theirs is best. Perhaps the most famous showcase of this bias, at least to my mind, can be found in this Molson beer ad:

Calm down Canada.

I hope to one day find out why this change over happened, but until then I’ll zee you all later.

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