Retail Memories- Borders Bookstore, An Overview

You must be thinking, “Nick, that’s a BevMo.” You’re right, it is, but it was once a great bookstore. Now it’s just another place for people in RSM to get drunk, as if they need another establishment to accomplish this goal. For five years I worked in a Borders bookstore and they were probably some of Wh.. what happens next?

How To Do Voice Direction

How to do voice coaching: 1. Don’t over direct, let the talent act. 2. Know what you want out of a particular scene and communicate that to the talent. 3. Do not make the talent parrot you, this will make you seem like the asshole you are. 4. Yelling is failing, do not do it. It is Wh.. what happens next?

Robot Thoughts- A new project

What is this? Well, to be literal, it’s a tracking of R-robot’s journey though a world. This world isn’t ours, but another place full of adventure and bizzaro locals and people. R-robot is an odd fellow, a robot who one day clicked over and gained consciousness, and he has been trying to figure out life and Wh.. what happens next?

On Making Content

You can accomplish content creation through a number of avenues and when they are explained to you the person saying it can and will come off sounding like a douche bag. This is a fact and one that cannot be avoided because explaining how to create content is a lot like explaining how to paint. Anyone Wh.. what happens next?

Why Doughnuts Are Awesome

I had this very clever article and I wrote it three times and I said, “You know what, this sucks, and I am going to talk about doughnuts instead because I am an adult and I fucking love doughnuts.” Is there anything that is more precisely perfect than a well made doughnut? The answer is no, Wh.. what happens next?

Writing for Free and How it Hurts Us All

I have a confession to make, I have written for free. You might not think that is a big deal, but it is, especially in the creating words industry. The writing industry spans all genres and content types and for some reason people think that it is okay to write for free. I am here as Wh.. what happens next?

Know When You Suck

You know what’s really good? Pancakes. I love making pancakes and I am really good at making them, or so my wife tells me, but it is because of this information that I am spurred onward to make more pancakes. You know what’s really funny? Video game videos or Machinima as the internet children call it. Wh.. what happens next?