A Tale of Two Robots- R-Robot

R-Robot stared into a mirror that the man had left in front of it. R knew that the construct in it was false, but then again it could not prove it to be false. As its glowing red eye starred into the equally glowing red eye, R asked a question that the reflection asked back to Wh.. what happens next?

Diver Deep

He watched as the gaping maw opened up and the tides began to swirl toward it. He knew this could very well be the end. His time on this earth, done. As the current began to pull him toward the center, his mind immediately rejected the notion of dying, and his years of diver training kicked Wh.. what happens next?

The Dragon

Its wings flapped in the wind as it stood on its hind legs. The beast’s scales were purple and green with its white teeth sitting in a grin that made its green eyes seem even hungrier than ever. I knew my time had come. I’d drawn the short straw and this was a task I knew I had to Wh.. what happens next?

Flea Market Find- R-Robot

A man hauled a robot head in the back of his truck. The head was size of the bed and wore a hat. When the man got the robot home he plugged it in to see if it worked. The giant red eye cracked and popped as it began to glow in the dark garage. A voice Wh.. what happens next?