Consumer Retorts- The Batmobile (Batman Arkham Knight)

I am calling this series Consumer Retorts, because it is a play on words and therefore the highest form of comedy… and it makes me chuckle. In this series, I will be reviewing items from video games, film, TV, and any other form of fiction in order to better inform the public so they can make Wh.. what happens next?

The Bat Fan Show!

Batman is probably one of the biggest influences in my life, most notably his detective work. In this podcast that I co-host with my good friend Michael Mendez, we talk about Batman, his world, the characters that inhabit it, and the various projects that have come into existence barring his name; also have some great bits!

Get a Job- Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein

Name: Victor Frankenstein Job: Scientist Of course you’re going to jump directly to all the lightning, the yelling about something being alive, and while that is all well and good I am here to judge whether or not Victor Frankenstein is even a good scientist. I know what you’re thinking: “But Nick, the guy made a human being out of Wh.. what happens next?

On writing- Mad scientists, why are they so mad?

I’m sure the first image to pop into your mind is a room full of Tesla coils, beakers with colorful fluids in them, and a woman tied down to a plank somewhere with a monkey guard standing watch over her as his lab coat wearing master screams out a window. Mad scientists have been the staple of many Wh.. what happens next?

Three signs that you’re in the APOCALYPSE!

Everyone seems to be screaming about the end of the world. It’s all over the news, both newspaper and TV, and scrawled along the poetic rhyme schemes written on the bathroom stalls: I once sat on bowl of white Passing time on my iPhone, right? Then with a sudden clash and thunder I found myself dead Wh.. what happens next?

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Get a job! Clark Kent- Superman

Photo credit: Name: Clark Kent Occupation: Reporter There are so many versions of this character that I am going to choose the comic book version rather than the film and TV versions of this character. Clark Kent is a reporter for The Daily Planet. He comes from Smallville and is clumsy; oh, and he wears Wh.. what happens next?

How to make a good asshole – On writing

This might seem like a rather straight forward topic. I mean if you have a guy kicking a puppy while talking about how the homeless should be shipped off to internment camps. That pretty much is an asshole, yeah? Ehhhh, not really, that’s more of a monster; an asshole is a delicate balance in regards toward a Wh.. what happens next?

Jurassic World… yeah.

This film had one job, and that was to be better than The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3. It achieved this feat, but that isn’t the most challenging thing to do. I certainly wasn’t expecting the film to be better than Jurassic Park, and why people thought it would be or used that as a Wh.. what happens next?