This is what it sounds like, when Tek’s cry: Subsurface Circular

I was on Twitter when someone tweeted an image of a robot on a subway car. The design of the bot grabbed me, but the slick U.I. is what pulled me into the underworld that is Subsurface Circular.

How not to make coffee

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s a bad cup of coffee.

Blade Runner 2049 trailer #2

This isn’t a think piece or a prediction article where I theory craft the hell out of this film. You want that, go somewhere else.

Hoarding and zombie beer: How big beer is trying to strong-arm its way to victory

Beer is probably one of the most refreshing drinks to have on a hot night. Cold, crisp, it’s ancient recipe perfected through the generations as each round of humanity takes a shot at making the nectar of the gods. I am not going to tell you what to drink here, I’ll leave that for your… Read more »

Spice worm

I’ve never finished Dune

And I don’t like it. I know, we’re not friends anymore.

Let’s talk about The Dark Tower trailer

Sooo, this portal to awesome just posted online.

Was the drought really that bad?

Winter was wonderful as water fell from the sky in California. Most appreciated it while many sheered, “When did I move to Seattle?” Just know, we hate those people, they don’t represent all of us and they have been sent off on an ice float. It is said that they shouted, “When did I move… Read more »

Happy sad day

Today’s been an odd one.

How do you money?

Money, it’s the thing you need but have no idea what to do with.

  • How important is a job?

    A job is something we all do, right? We get up each morning, and whether it is school or work, we head out of the house each day to perform actions that either help us intellectually or monetarily or just survive.  For some of us, the job comes to define us as we begin to… Read more »

  • Controlled chaos

    When it comes to writing you’ll find that it’s much like a science experiment. You try to get a certain result, but you will probably wind up with something else all together awesome; like Silly Putty. You have to play around with words. Try them in a certain order, fashion, or style. Writing is playing,… Read more »

  • Get a job!- Tuvok, Star Trek Voyager

    Get a job is a new series of blogs I want to do once a week for the fun of it. The idea stemmed from a point I will be touching on in another post about the importance of a character’s job (Update: Here’s the post!). In many books, movies, games, and comics we find… Read more »

  • Mad Max Fury Road: How to reintroduce a character

    I’m heading to the flicks once more for another helping of Fury Road, and after posting my last blog about this film on Reddit I got to thinking about what the movie is; not the individual elements, but rather why did Miller make Fury Road the way he did. Max has been absent from the screen… Read more »

  • Fire, gears, and weird: Mad Max Fury Road

    This is a post about the insanity that is Mad Max: Fury Road, if you haven’t seen this film yet, stop now and go and see it because like a hard boiled egg left in an unplugged fridge for two weeks, this post will have spoilers in it. I have loved Mad Max since I was 13 and… Read more »

  • Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Book Awards!

    This was a surprise! I woke up this morning and found out that Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales  was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Book Awards in the category Short Story! Here is the link for proof! It is just amazing that this even happened and I am celebrating with dancing and this very… Read more »

  • Why are librarians sexy?

    It’s probably one of the most unlikely sex symbols to pop up in the American psyche and yet it is commonly accepted that librarians are sexy. I find the concept so strange, I mean, when was the last time you went into a library? I know a majority of people have not done so in… Read more »

  • 100 years and more to come

    I am Armenian and an American. I remember 1915 and will never forget. Today will be a day of speeches and stories, but that is how we honor those who have passed who were wronged. We will never forget and we will always remember, no matter how much time has passed.

  • The best damn zoetrope on earth

    I went to the doctor the other day and I found it a rather odd experience. I wasn’t dying by any stretch, but my cellphone had died and so I had to resolve myself to looking at the ceiling tile and green florescent lighting. After seeing the doctor I was told to go home and not drink as… Read more »

  • In a world without electricity, this will not work.

    Writing tips: Blogging in chunks

    When you start to write a blog, don’t try to do it in chunks, try to get it done in a single day. Blogs are not like a book where you can take multiple turns at it. You have to attack it and get it done or else you wind up losing steam, losing thoughts,… Read more »