Tinker, Canner Soiled Spy- Random Stories

It was my turn to make dinner, and I am trying to finish a pitch before the end of the week, so I decided to make it easy on myself; but little did I know I was preparing a demise of someone at the dinner table. I choose smoked herring from a can, with toasted sourdough Wh.. what happens next?

Get a job: Barret- Final Fantasy 7

SPOILER LEVEL: PACE SALSA MEDIUM (This game has been out for nearly 20 years) Name: Barret Wallace Job: Leader of AVALANCHE I may catch some hell for this, but hear me out. I will be evaluating Barret, from Final Fantasy 7, as the leader of AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group that actually delivers on the terror rather than hugging the evil Wh.. what happens next?

How important is a job?

A job is something we all do, right? We get up each morning, and whether it is school or work, we head out of the house each day to perform actions that either help us intellectually or monetarily or just survive.  For some of us, the job comes to define us as we begin to identify Wh.. what happens next?

Controlled chaos

When it comes to writing you’ll find that it’s much like a science experiment. You try to get a certain result, but you will probably wind up with something else all together awesome; like Silly Putty. You have to play around with words. Try them in a certain order, fashion, or style. Writing is playing, but Wh.. what happens next?

Get a job!- Tuvok, Star Trek Voyager

Get a job is a new series of blogs I want to do once a week for the fun of it. The idea stemmed from a point I will be touching on in another post about the importance of a character’s job (Update: Here’s the post!). In many books, movies, games, and comics we find that Wh.. what happens next?

Mad Max Fury Road: How to reintroduce a character

I’m heading to the flicks once more for another helping of Fury Road, and after posting my last blog about this film on Reddit I got to thinking about what the movie is; not the individual elements, but rather why did Miller make Fury Road the way he did. Max has been absent from the screen for Wh.. what happens next?

Fire, gears, and weird: Mad Max Fury Road

This is a post about the insanity that is Mad Max: Fury Road, if you haven’t seen this film yet, stop now and go and see it because like a hard boiled egg left in an unplugged fridge for two weeks, this post will have spoilers in it. I have loved Mad Max since I was 13 and Fury Wh.. what happens next?

Finalist for the National Indie Excellence Book Awards!

This was a surprise! I woke up this morning and found out that Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales  was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Book Awards in the category Short Story! Here is the link for proof! http://www.indieexcellence.com/indie-results-2015-finalists.html It is just amazing that this even happened and I am celebrating with dancing and this very brief Wh.. what happens next?