MustacheVenture- A Youtube channel

It also happens to be my Youtube channel. I started this channel years ago with the thought of doing videos for it, and if you look at the dates on some of them you’ll find this to be true. I am planning on doing more videos for the channel, so if you subscribe you will get Wh.. what happens next?

On boring houses

Houses are not homes until a life form has taken residence inside of it; be it mold with an amazing sense of style or people. The subject of houses has been on my mind lately for a number of reasons, but if there is one thing I hate it’s houses that have zero imagination behind their Wh.. what happens next?

The world's most boring computer

On a quick blog post & Webcomic

Sooooooooo, today is an odd beast already. I had a cup of coffee, sat down in front of the computer, and began to drift along the Internet. Now you might think that this isn’t that odd of an experience, and it isn’t, but then you’re not me; which is great because if you were, we would Wh.. what happens next?

How a wedding DJ is like a Toyota Camry

Photo credit: Wikipedia I have never been to a wedding and said the words, “That DJ was great!” Never. I may have said they were fine or okay or even good, but they have never been Tony the Tiger great. When throwing a wedding, most couples want to make sure they are covering their bases. They Wh.. what happens next?

Monday Webcomic Day- Robot Thoughts

Robot Thoughts is a twitter handle (@R_RobotHere) that I started about a robot head named R_Robot sailing on a boat, and having some deep robot thoughts and or odd conversations. I haven’t used the handle in a while, but I am going to be using it for the purpose of posting these comics that I am Wh.. what happens next?

Consumer Retorts- Dick Tracy’s Watch

Product: Dick Tracy’s Radio Watch Manufacturer: I dunno, Casio? It just says radio on the face, so, let’s go with Patek Philippe, because I’ve always wanted to wear one. This watch hails back from the analog days when tubes infested machines and before cigarettes were plugged by the Flintstones. It is a piece of retro-future that is Wh.. what happens next?

Get a Job- Wile E. Coyote- Looney Tunes

Name: Wile E. Coyote Job: A coyote (hunter) “But Nick, he is a coyote.” Yes he is, and he is terrible at the job. Many people might say that being a part of a species isn’t a job, but living itself, and surviving for that matter, is a full time job. It qualifies as a job because if you Wh.. what happens next?

On House Hunting

Am I in the market for a house? Not yet, but after watching enough HGTV shows, and seeing my brother jump into the fray, I have some notes to give to those who are looking for a place to live. You can take or leave this as you may, but this is a home buying survival guide Wh.. what happens next?