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Come for the words, stay for the stories

Ironclad Words was started by Nick Mazmanian as a place to host his thoughts, mad as they might be, and release them onto an unsuspecting world. You’ll find explorations into narrative, breakdowns of popular and classic films, and other stories of interest.

Here’s what you can find while exploring the site:

  • Personal stories
  • Flash fiction
  • Movie, book, and video game reviews
  • Analysis of movies, books, or video games
  • Podcasts of a ridiculous nature
  • Jimmy Hoffa’s body (Does that joke still register?)
  • And sometimes, mild cases of insanity

We hope you enjoy your time here and if you find something you like, share it!

Nick Mazmanian

Writer/Editor/Designer/Web Producer/Fighter of monsters


By day he is a Web Producer for a treatment provider, by night he pounds at the keyboard trying to create words on the screen that make sense. Nick’s body work includes: video game design, novel writing, magazine writing, graphic design, content creation, short story writing, podcast production, and video production. His hobbies: Woodworking, hiking, reading, learning, and playing games.

Goals: Not suck at being a good husband or dad, to touch a fox, own a bookstore, and tell stories. Check out his portfolio here. Buy his book here.


Brianna Gibbons

Writer/Editor/Web Producer/Token Redhead/Resident bookworm


Brianna Gibbons currently works as a Web Producer for a treatment provider. Having earned her Bachelors of Arts in English in 2014, she now works to organize and publish content for website blogs. In her spare time, Brianna loves to read as many books as possible, write stories and book reviews, knit, travel, dote on her pets and randomly go on small adventures with friends. Her goal: to write a novel that makes people truly think about the long-term impact they can have. Her dream: own a bookstore and drink egregious amounts of tea every day while talking about books.

Michael Felix

Writer/Film Nerd/Resident Art Troll

13606674_1172913532773590_6415854709528288576_nI believe in Trash. I believe in Art. You should consume both. You should not be ashamed of consuming both. You should enjoy things for genuine reasons. Ironic enjoyment is not enjoyment at all. Be optimistic. Pessimism will keep you at arm’s length from enjoying things. Don’t talk during movies. Save it for after.

When not writing and holding down a job I am raising two boys. When I get a break from my job and my boys I am probably watching a movie. My Video Watchdog subscription both pre and posts dates my marriage.

Follow me on twitter @cinefelix [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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