Monday Webcomic Day- Robot Thoughts

Robot Thoughts is a twitter handle (@R_RobotHere) that I started about a robot head named R_Robot sailing on a boat, and having some deep robot thoughts and or odd conversations. I haven’t used the handle in a while, but I am going to be using it for the purpose of posting these comics that I am drawing on my lunch breaks at work.

Here are the first two comics:

Robot comic 1 Robot comic 2


The last comic here is based off a day when I was really depressed. I even wrote a tweet that inspired me to write the comic and it made me chuckle afterword. You can blame this comic for Robot Thoughts coming back into existence.

Here’s the tweet:


Depression comic

I found after I had drawn out the comic, and used the awesome coffee stain that was not intentional, I felt better. It’s odd, I know, but I am a rather odd guy in general. I am going to improve my penmanship and continue with these comics, so get ready for R_Robot, as it’s not going anywhere.