On Making Content

You can accomplish content creation through a number of avenues and when they are explained to you the person saying it can and will come off sounding like a douche bag. This is a fact and one that cannot be avoided because explaining how to create content is a lot like explaining how to paint. Anyone can do it, but some people do it better than others, and if you try to break down their techniques, you are going to be seen as that know-it-all jerk.

Now, I am generalizing here, because it is the presentation of information that really matters.
There is but one rule to content creation and that is it must be genuine. If you create something and it lacks that human connection you can rest assured that your content will never be read or watched. If you try to act bigger than you really are people are going to notice. This is why I find it so fascinating when I read articles about this topic and the person writing it quotes a bunch of numbers to show how “successful” they are as a company.

News flash chief, if you were really successful you wouldn’t have to quote your popularity or backup your professionalism. You would simply approach the microphone and say, “I am Mr. Tibbers and I run the site Tibbersbemad.com.” or whatever it is you do. If you say, “I am Mr. Tibbers, owner of Tibbersbemad.com a site with over 4 million hits a day.” you’re a dick trying to compensate for something.

Half of the time these companies do the bad Mr. Tibbers intro in order to feel important, but if you just approach the mic and be confident then people will take note.

This sidetrack ties back to content creation because if you are not confident in your content it will show and people will notice. I am in the boat of if you’re going to do something you throw yourself at it and hold nothing back. If you pump the breaks when you are making anything you are limiting the potential awesome that may ensue. Plenty of these successful websites became successful because they were honest about something and that related to people and either made them laugh or cry.

Emotion is the core of anything you make.

Content isn’t merely blog posts, videos, podcasts, and what have you. It extends into anything we make because whatever comes into being from the mind of a human is content. If you want to be known or noticed make something and put it out there for everyone to see. Show your passion in what you make because it will register with others and that is how a picture posted on Twitter explodes on to hundreds of websites.

You are what you make, so go make something dammit!