Consumer Retorts- Dick Tracy’s Watch

Product: Dick Tracy’s Radio Watch Manufacturer: I dunno, Casio? It just says radio on the face, so, let’s go with Patek Philippe, because I’ve always wanted to wear one. This watch hails back from the analog days when tubes infested machines and before cigarettes were plugged by the¬†Flintstones. It is a piece of retro-future that is Wh.. what happens next?

Morning jolt: Wondercon 2015 & how not to cosplay

I went to Wondercon 2015 this weekend and it was a blast! I hadn’t been to a con since Comic-Con 2009 and the reason why has been for the fact that I was focused on only that convention, as far as comic books are concerned, and tickets are as rare as elvish mithril (which is mythical, Wh.. what happens next?