MustacheVenture presents a LocalVenture: Harbor House

When you think of Orange County, California you think of beaches, The OC TV show (Is that reference even any good anymore? Please say no), and some other bullshit that was on TV. Frankly, the place has a bad wrap for being the most vapid of the vapid as LA has tried to shrug that mantle off on to us.

I say nay to this! There are places in Orange County that are badass and you are going to hear about them on these LocalVentures from MustacheVenture.

The VO from this video comes from a frustrated place, where my microphone refused to work with me and never listened to my story! It was truly traumatizing, but after going to therapy, we have reconciled our differences. Check out the video, if you like it, hit the subscribe button and share it!