Diver Deep

He watched as the gaping maw opened up and the tides began to swirl toward it. He knew this could very well be the end. His time on this earth, done. As the current began to pull him toward the center, his mind immediately rejected the notion of dying, and his years of diver training kicked in.

His muscles strained against the ripping tides as the black hole in the center of swirl grew larger.

But his efforts were not in vain, as the waters fell away, and left him alone in the smooth world of pure white. The light above him grew dark, and raising his helmet up, he saw one of the titans who threw him into this place; and behind it an even larger one. The gigantor bellowed in anger as it pointed at him and said in its boom voice, “Jimmy, dammit, I told you the toilet is not a play thing!”

It was then the diver looked at his fixed plastic hands and wept.