A Tale of Two Robots- R-Robot

R-Robot stared into a mirror that the man had left in front of it. R knew that the construct in it was false, but then again it could not prove it to be false. As its glowing red eye starred into the equally glowing red eye, R asked a question that the reflection asked back to it simultaneously, “Are you real?”

A silence hung over the barn as the two R’s thought about it, till R answered the question. “What is reality to a robot?”

“If the human experience is similar to the experience I am having, then their reality must be also be in question.”


“Reality to a robot is simply being able to interrupt the world as it appears before it.”

“But what is real? The experience or the remembering of the experience? Do we die after each moment and are born again in the next? If we continuously move in a single line, leaving traces and figments of ourselves over time, then that would mean we enter one room from another a completely different version of ourselves.”

Over the course of the conversation, the man had walked into the barn to fetch a screw driver and now could not leave for fear of death… or personal growth.