Why radios are cool

When it comes to communications, we have an endless buffet of ways to tell someone they owe you $2. I could list them, but you are probably reading this blog post from one of those devices right now. And even with these lines of communication, the radio is still probably the coolest one of all (When I say radio, I mean the one you can talk through and wear on your belt, not the one with commercials and stupid political shows).

When I say cool, I don’t mean that it is fashionable, chic, or even sexy (which oddly enough is how most smartphones are advertised, some more overt than others). When something is cool, it climbs over what it was meant to be and into a different realm. A realm that is reserved for exploding cars, and close calls. A place where the action lives, it’s rather destructive in there, but it can take the heat.

Here is why the radio is cooler than any other communication device.

Radio vs Computer

Ever since the advent of the computer, movies and TV have tried to make it into this magical box that can hack just about anything. Then Minority Report came out and now all computers must have some form of touch screen technology or as I call it “Conductor Vision.”

This control scheme would make porn impossible.

The consumer has a computer in their home to either game on, go on the Internet, do graphics work, and pay bills. In short, the computer is now more mundane than it ever has been in its entire existence.

We have taken a machine that was once seen as a world destroyer and turned it into a product that allows you to trash talk your friends from thousands of miles away  as you cave their virtual skull in with a +3 Hate Mallet.

The radio is probably not in this home, because it is off diving out of buildings that are exploding or finding a lost civilization or something else that is interesting because radios don’t have time to dawdle. It is purpose built, and that purpose is to do something.

Radio vs Smartphone

Your smartphone can play games, calculate tips, and take a near endless supply of selfies; oh, and make calls. It seems like it is pretty cool with it’s highly breakable screen, components assembled in sweat shops, and its constant monitoring by the NSA.


I pose this question to you: Can your smartphone call space?

We all know that calls go into space and bounce back, but what I mean is can your smartphone call the infinite void? The answer to this is no, unless space has a antenna setup on the moon.

A radio, it can call space, specifically the ISS orbiting around the Earth as we speak. Using a HAM radio, a person can call the ISS and hold a conversation for about a minute. That might seem like a short call, but it is cost free, and if the astronauts are not busy, they will actually answer your call.

Also, radio waves can travel into space, which could then make contact with alien life, maybe, and probably help to enslave all of mankind… which is super metal.

Radio vs Morse Code

Ummm, Morse code is, uhh, really cool as the emergency communication of choice in all forms of entertainment. Also, have you ever noticed how there is always someone in the room that knows Morse code, but they have zero involvement with the military or emergency relief efforts? They’re always just some dude, and I know for a fact that most of the people I know don’t even know what More code is.

So, if I am stuck on a mountain and try signaling with Morse code and my friends are on the other end of those dashes and beeps… I am dead.


Radio is cool because of a single feature. A feature that no other communication device has or if they do use it, doesn’t have the weight in which it has in radio. The ability to say “Over and Out” or “Over” is super cool and doesn’t exist in other mediums of communication.

Over and out.

…yeah, just doesn’t work as well.


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