Monday Webcomic Day- Robot Thoughts

Robot Thoughts is a twitter handle (@R_RobotHere) that I started about a robot head named R_Robot sailing on a boat, and having some deep robot thoughts and or odd conversations. I haven’t used the handle in a while, but I am going to be using it for the purpose of posting these comics that I am drawing on my lunch breaks at work.

Here are the first two comics:

Robot comic 1 Robot comic 2


The last comic here is based off a day when I was really depressed. I even wrote a tweet that inspired me to write the comic and it made me chuckle afterword. You can blame this comic for Robot Thoughts coming back into existence.

Here’s the tweet:


Depression comic

I found after I had drawn out the comic, and used the awesome coffee stain that was not intentional, I felt better. It’s odd, I know, but I am a rather odd guy in general. I am going to improve my penmanship and continue with these comics, so get ready for R_Robot, as it’s not going anywhere.

Robot Thoughts- A new project

What is this? Well, to be literal, it’s a tracking of R-robot’s journey though a world. This world isn’t ours, but another place full of adventure and bizzaro locals and people. R-robot is an odd fellow, a robot who one day clicked over and gained consciousness, and he has been trying to figure out life and find Y ever since.

Robot Thoughts came from my need to create something small and fun. As a kid I loved Gumby, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Wallace and Gromit. I have been in love with stop motion animation and tiny models for as long as I can remember. I also love comics, but I can’t draw to save my life, so I decided to do this photo based blog instead. This is the closest I am going to get to a web comic, I wanted to shoot for something that felt genuine and find the comedy along the way.

R-robot comes from a diorama I built and the head is the only surviving portion of it. I made it, I made the hat, and I painted it. The ship is a gift from my parent’s trip to Boston when I was a kid. They bought my brother and I two wooden ships and I always loved that boat. I figured, why not use them together?

R is on a journey and is broadcasting its thoughts to you all. They won’t always be brilliant, sometimes they may even touch on the macabre, but they hopefully will make you laugh long enough to have a break from whatever reality is currently throwing your way.

I will be updating this Tumblr and Twitter daily, or as close to daily as I can get, and if you want, give it a follow! I hope you and others find this as fascinating and fun as I do.