On boring houses

Houses are not homes until a life form has taken residence inside of it; be it mold with an amazing sense of style or people.

The subject of houses has been on my mind lately for a number of reasons, but if there is one thing I hate it’s houses that have zero imagination behind their construction. Lifeless homes that are boxes with a thick layer of stucco around them and smothered in a pink so plain even a loaf Wonder Bread is bored by it.

Bored Wonder Bread

Now I get that sometimes these places are all you can afford, and that’s fine, but what I really get irked by is the fact that these homes are being priced well beyond their actual value. You see, I live in California, a state that is as beautiful as it is dry (this equates out to Very x8) and because of this beauty, the homes being sold in areas that are not in the middle of the desert are insanely high. And most of the structures¬†are these thoughtless wallet prisons that have been made into a shape of a house.

Wallet prisonHomes are made for humans, it’s a crazy notion, I know, but it is true. Yet, the boxes that are being built are not being made for humans, they are being made for money. They are thrown up cheap and lack a soul that used to come with houses, like the feeling that the people who made them actually knew what made a house good. People who gave a damn about their job and actually took pride in their work.

Bad flag

If you look at the houses that were built just 50 years go compared to today, you can see the massive slide in thought. And that’s saying a lot as the homes built in the 1970’s were probably some of the ugliest things in existence. Yet, these homes say something and have a look that says where and when they were made. The new homes by comparison say nothing and look more like drooling psych ward patients who are ranting raving inside their minds.

Drooling houseWhen house shopping, be sure to get the home you want and but be wary of lenders, as they can be vampires.

Vampire builders

P.S. MS Paint was rather challenging